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Are you looking forward to getting legal Attestation for your documents?

We provide you such service in KSA  that will assist you to get your certificates and documents attestation as per the regulations of the country. 


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Document Authentication in saudi arabia

For Foreign Residents

Hazim Almadani Law Firm is one of the trusted attestation providers in the international documentation field which will provide attestation services of copies of documents of foreign residents, Such as:


Birth Certificate

Commercial Document

Marriage Certificate

Divorce Certificate

Identification Card

Nursing Certificate

Salary Certificate

Experience Certificate

Transfer Certificate

Death Certificate

Chamber Certificate

Migration Certificate

Educational Certificate

Degree Certificate

Diploma Certificate

HSC Certificate

SSLC Certificate

Declaration or Recognition of Signature

For Legal Entities

Our Team will authenticate your Commercial Documents and Transactions of Legal entities that can be used for various purposes in their respective countries.

while choosing an authentication agency make sure that it’s a legally certified and experienced agency. As considering all these points. We are one of the leading agencies in the KSA authentication service field. So don’t be concerned; we are here to provide you with genuine and reliable authentication services and will help you in completing your document authentication procedures without any other formal requirements or troubles,

Our Certificate Attestation Services are available in many countries such as:

USA, England, Italy, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Finland, Danish, South Africa, Switzerland, Norway, New Zealand and more other counties.

Steps for getting your documents authenticated


Send us an Email


explain type of document you want to authenticate and for which purpose.


Send us a copy of the document.


Then we will assist you with the rest of the process it will only take 30 mins maximum.

Why the Law Firm of Hazim Al-Madani?


We help you deal with documentation for certificates attestation very easily across the world.

specialize in drafting

Professional high-quality services and reliable documentation service standards.


Global certificates from a lot of foreign embassies in Saudi Arabia all over the world. We’ve been a prominent name in the certification attestation because of our expertise. By choosing us, clients can acquire the benefits of England Certificate Attestation, US Certificate Attestation, and UK Certificate Attestation, and a many more countries.

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We offer you up to three documents for the same price.

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Payment can be done either in cash or by card