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Hazim Al-Madani is a full-service business law firm in saudi arabia with offices located in Jeddah and Riyadh – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with Riyadh being the headquarters of the firm, and a branch located in Cairo, Egypt. We provide our clients with all types of expert legal advice related to the business world through a qualified and highly trained team of consultants and attorneys.

Our services

We consult with our clients and guide them in building powerful organizations. , advise and guide with our clients to build powerful and efficient organizations. We strive for perfection by ensuring innovation and growth of businesses through cost reduction, risk management and regulation as well as leveraging talent.

Our mission is to assist you in designing the best legal strategies and executing everlasting beneficial changes. We intend to accompany you from the start of your business journey to the finish line.

Our Practice Areas:

Company Registration

Having been experts at foreign company registration in saudi arabia and international business practices in the Saudi market, we provide our clients with tailored legal services designed to fit their needsstarting from pre-contract negotiations, drafting and reviewing joint venture agreements.

Debt Collection and Recovery

Hazim Al Madani Law Firm is one of the leading international law firms in Saudi Arabia in debt collection services; we offer you the most effective debt collection solutions and strategies with the most appropriate and cost-effective approaches.

Contracts and Agreements

Over the ages, an expression of a contractual agreement has grown from a simple handshake to a signature and a seal in conducting business between people and companies. A written contract is a simple and unambiguous instrument on which a company’s whole operation is founded.

Trademarks & Copyrights

Our team of experts provides you with a smooth and easy experience by simplifying the process and getting the job done without any complications, and with the unprecedented new service of Trademark Electronic Registration

Business Incorporation

Corporate practise is a high-level practise that allows us to fulfil all of your corporate and commercial concerns by combining a complete understanding of Saudi Arabian law with an international perspective.

Employment & Labor

We at the Law Firm of Hazim Al-Madani have deep experience in providing assistance in complex or highly confidential disputes in front of labour courts, and these disputes may include unfair dismissal, disclosure of work secrets, and a range of racial discrimination disputes.

Documents Authentication

Hazim Almadani Law Firm is a reputable attestation provider in the global documentation field, supplying attestation services for foreign residents’ copies of documentation.

Bankruptcy & Liquidation

Our litigators work with our top-tier bankruptcy professionals in a perfect manner.
Our team assists customers in reacting quickly to unexpected and sometimes fast changes in business situations.

Family Law

our fees are crystal clear. We spend time and effort to explain the steps and prices to our clients.

How We Operate

Why Choose Us?

Our firm is recognized as one of the leading law firms in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in terms of rendering top-notch services in all major practice areas. Our attorneys and legal consultants assist our clients in multiple areas of the law including but not limited to: employment and labor law, the competition law covering activities such as production, distribution, purchase, or sale of commodities across the Kingdom.
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We adopt innovative and cutting-edge methods in providing expert legal services


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Our firm would not have reached its level of success without mastering its Reliability and achieving optimum levels of Professionalism.

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    Every member of our team specializes in a certain field of law, which ultimately allows us to fulfill all of our clients’ needs with regards to legal queries. We are always open to new ideas and proposals, and we encourage constructive and comprehensive cooperation.

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    Almadani Law Firm is The best law firm in ksa to provides diplomatic missions services

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