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العمل التجاري في المملكة العربية السعودية

Companies law

companies’ law includes general provisions, provisions related to unlimited liability company, joint venture, limited liability company, changeable capital company, cooperative companies, mergers, and acquisitions, companies’ liquidation, foreign companies, penalties for the violation of this law, and resolving commercial disputes authority.
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The Trademarks Law of the GCC States and its Implementing Regulations

The trademark law of the states of the cooperation council for the Arab States of the Gulf includes the trademark registration steps, term of the trademark protection, cancellation of the trademark, transfer of the trademark ownership, mortgage and seizure, licensing contracts, collective trademarks, control trademarks, trademarks of public benefit bodies and professional institutions, enforcement of rights, penalties, final provisions
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The Executive Regulation of the Law of Commercial Courts

The law includes comprehensive regulation of land trade, maritime trade, commercial trials, and related penalties and fees

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Franchise Law

It regulates the relationship between the franchisor and the franchisee, franchising agreement terms and conditions, and the provisions for the renewal, termination, or assignment of the franchise agreement
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Enforcement Law And It’s Executive Regulation

The jurisdictions of the execution judge, executive deed, disclosure of funds, funds subject to execution, precautionary seizure, execution procedures, executive seizure, sale of seized assets, distribution of execution proceeds, seizing the debtor’s assets with third parties, direct execution, execution in personal status matters, insolvency, executive imprisonment, penalties, general provisions

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Law of civil procedure

it includes the pleading procedures, the jurisdiction, filing and registering the case, the litigant’s presence and absence, the power of attorney of litigation, defenses, litigation rules, evidence, litigants, oath, testimony, judgment, methods of objections, terminations, and final provisions

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Law of Evidence

It includes general provisions on evidence, acquiescence, interrogation of litigants, official documents, ordinary documents, obligating the opponent to submit documents, proof of authenticity of documents, verification of lines, forgery lawsuits, writing, digital evidence, testimony, presumptions, customs, conclusive, and complementary oaths, inspection, experience, final provisions, publication, and enforcement
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Law and Regulations of the Government Tenders and Procurement

The law shall be applied to the facilities in the matter of organizing tenders and procurements, and its provisions shall apply to the units of the state’s administrative apparatus

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Elderly Rights and Welfare Act

The law is applied to every citizen who has reached the age of 60 years or more to enable the elderly to live in an environment that preserves their rights and preserves their dignity

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Decision of the board of Directors of the General Authority for real estate

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Decree of the Minister of Human Resources and Social Development