Case against a Saudi Company for claiming outstanding dues filed by a Foreign Company

The lawsuit was filed in 2017 and lasted for approximately six months, and we succeeded by obtaining a final judgment in favor of the foreign company (our client)

Summary of the lawsuit:


This claim is that our client (a Turkish company) engaged in food and industrial trade had supplied/exported goods to the respondent a Saudi company and the value of the goods supplied was approximately $ 125,000. Our client had all transaction documents such as invoices and shipment documents were properly stamped and singed.

The lawsuit was filed before the Commercial Court in Riyadh. On the first date of hearing we submitted all the transaction documents and its annexes in the Court. The respondent did not attend the first and second hearing. We requested the Court that the respondent should be summoned with the national address of the respondent as per the Article 1/11 of the Sharia Law Procedures provided that, the even the respondent’s legal representative (example; the shareholder or partners) can also be summoned by their/his national address.

Based on the provision of Sharia law, we sent the summons/notification to the respondents national address and we submitted the proof of sending the summon through a postal service provider to the National address of the respondent and the Court accepted the proof stating that the summon was served to correct address of the respondent.

Further, the Judge reviewed the transaction documents and passed the Judgement in favor of client’s claim


Accordingly, the Court pass an order that the defendant should pay our client the claim amount of $ 125,000.

Thus, within six months we have obtained the final Judgment from the date of filing this case.

We believe that after the new amendments to the Law of Civil Procedures, the period of obtaining a final judgment/verdict will be far more easier than this lawsuit.