Personal Status And Family Law/Regulations

Family Law in Saudi Arabia

One of the main concerns of the kingdom is human’s life and family stability. Therefore, the personal status system project has been created several months ago. What focuses on saving time and effort in family disputes, and pre-litigation stages is reconciliation, which we attempt to bridge the disputants point of views and reach an amicable settlement.
Because of our vast experience in providing services related to family issues and personal status, which basically includes child custody, divorce, alimony, etc. We are keen to deal with such cases in a professional manner as we know the sensitivity of the cases.

Types of Cases and Legal Advises Provided by our firm

Inheritance and Inheritance division

One of the most important services related to rights and personal status includes inheritance division whether its obligatory or optional which depends on the extent to which the heirs agree on the distribution of the inheritance. And the firm has faced challenges related to this matter but has always succeeded to advise and reach proper arrangement according to the sharia rules with client’s satisfaction.

Our Success Stories

The Case

Our client is a non-Saudi national (resident in the KSA) and her divorced husband is also non-Saudi one (resident in the KSA). Their marriage contract was concluded by the KSA Courts and the husband divorced his wife in his country that is different from hers as each is of different nationality.......

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