Development of Departments Specialized in Family Issues

The Public Prosecutor Sheikh Saud bin Abdullah Al Moajab explained in his report that the development of specialized departments in the Public Prosecution branches concerned with the family issues will retain confidentiality on one hand, and they will provide each other with the necessary social assistance from guidance and reform on the other hand.
The Public Prosecution will assign a selection of qualified individuals to manage these departments, in accordance with the highest professional standards that ensure the success of the experiment, particularly in regards to ensuring the confidentiality and security of the families who resort to them.
In this important step, this decision was welcomed by the women’s communities specialized in the family issues and they provided all the facilities and services that can bring stability and security to the family structure and the woman who has made great strides. In the midst of these facilities comes the humanitarian initiatives in its community aspect represented in the form of this step taken by the Public Prosecution, which is totally based on the Islamic Sharia values in reform and harmony and its urging towards safeguarding and protection, while taking care of the legitimate justice’s duty with everyone in a wise legislative balance.
The most important of these effects are reflected in the achievement of legitimate justice and its application in the course of the investigation, along with promoting the income sources; as the Public Prosecution has recently opened the door for women to apply as investigators; provided that they hold a Bachelor’s degree in Law or Sharia at its head office in Riyadh and all its branches.

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