E-Commerce Contract and How to Terminate it in the Kingdom

An E-Commerce contract is a contract entered into via electronic communication means, such as the Internet, between the seller and the buyer. E-commerce is one of the most important business models in the modern era, where goods and services are purchased and sold electronically without the need for the physical presence of the contracting parties.
In the Kingdom, the e-commerce contract is regulated by specific laws and regulations. Here we want to clarify how to terminate an e-commerce contract:
By reviewing the terms and conditions: Before completing an online purchase process, both parties should read and understand the seller’s terms and conditions announced on the website. This includes the return policy and contract termination terms.
Termination of the contract during the cooling-off period: The Kingdom’s laws stipulate the existence of a cooling-off period, which is a specified time period that allows the buyer to terminate the contract without giving any reason or incurring any penalties. The buyer must notify the seller of his desire to terminate the contract during this period, in which case he is entitled to a refund of the amount paid.
Demanding the seller to terminate the contract: In case of a defect or malfunction in the product, or if it does not match the advertised specifications, the buyer has the right to demand the seller to terminate the contract and refund the amount paid. The buyer must document clear and strong evidence of the defects or problems he is facing with the product to support his claim.
Resorting to competent authorities: If a settlement is not reached between the two parties, the buyer can file a complaint with the competent authorities in the Kingdom, such as the Communications and Information Technology Commission or the relevant judicial authorities. These authorities can review the complaint and take appropriate measures to terminate the contract and protect the buyer’s rights.
It is important for the parties involved in an e-commerce contract in the Kingdom to comply with the applicable laws and regulations and the provisions of electronic commerce contracts. It is recommended to document all details and correspondence related to the contract, and to keep invoices, receipts, and any other related records, to strengthen the rights of both parties in case of a dispute.
Finally, we would like to point out that the termination of an e-commerce contract in the Kingdom requires compliance with the provisions and conditions stipulated in the contract, and in the applicable systems, and the parties must respect each other’s rights and deal with good faith and transparency. In case of any dispute, the parties should resort to arbitration or mediation or litigation as they agree.”
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