Contracts and Agreements

Contracts and Agreements

From a simple handshake to a signature and a seal, that’s how an expression of a contractual agreement evolved over the centuries in conducting businesses among people and companies. A written contract is a clear and concise instrument of which an entire business is founded upon, as it explicitly contains all the details of an agreement between two parties who wish to enforce it by law. That being said, conflicts may still arise out of a well drafted contract, and so we offer our clients our masterful skills and knowledge in contractual services to ensure a smooth and fruitful business experience to ease their journey to success.

Our Contractual Services

Our team possesses the knowledge of all contract regulations and formats that must include mandatory and binding terms and clauses as per the regulations set forth by the Commercial Agency law, Commercial Franchise Law, and the Government Tenders and Procurement laws of Saudi Arabia. We offer a simple yet solid process that includes the following steps:
We also offer our services in legalizing a variety of contracts such as the Trademark License Agreement, Franchising Contracts, and Distribution and Agency Contracts, with the final step of registering the aforementioned contracts with the Relevant Government Authorities when needed.

Types of contracts we specialize in

Our team has the full knowledge of all contractual regulations and forms that must include binding terms and clauses and are based on regulations in accordance with the laws in force in Saudi Arabia, to name but a few:

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