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    Debt Collection and Recovery

    debt collection in saudi arabia

    debt collection saudi arabia – Our firm is proud to be one of Saudi Arabia’s leading Collection law firms, recognized for uncompromising services and handling scores of collection matters.
    What the whole world is experiencing now due to the economic crises that multiple countries are going through has been the main factor in the occurrence of the so-called accumulated debt, which is the result of large supplies, whether of products or services, and therefore the greatest challenge faced by commercial entities in general, whether a company or an institution, is to collect their funds.
    In this current economy, collections have become an increasing challenge for business corporations of all types. Many establishments face difficulties collecting past due accounts and do not know where to turn when a customer or debtor refuses to pay. However, our Law Firm can help clients collect the monies for which they have legal rights. Our decades of experience in legal practice allow us to utilize effective debt collection strategies while remaining within the confines of the law.

    Why We stand differently from the collection agencies

    debt collection saudi arabia

    debt recovery collection agency

    Our specialized team in debt collection

    debt collection saudi arabia

    debt collection agency in saudi arabia

    Our specialized team in debt collection

    debt collection saudi arabia

    debt collection saudi arabia

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    The Case

    Under a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed by and between the Plaintiff and our client (Defendant), it was agreed that our client shall be financing the Plaintiff with as much as USD 1,500,000 (one and a half million) in loan without interest and our client shall in exchange receive as much as USD 759,000 (Seven Hundred Fifty Nine Thousand) in interest out of such financing.

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