Inheritance Provisions in Companies

Regulating the rules and provisions for the transfer of ownership and assets of companies to heirs after the death of one of its owners or partners is an important matter to ensure the continuity of business operations and the protection of the rights of both investors and heirs.
Therefore, the Kingdom has shown great interest in regulating the rules and provisions of inheritance in companies through the Companies Law. The law clearly stipulates how the ownership of different companies and their assets should be transferred to the heirs of partners or owners upon death. Additionally, we would like to highlight the key points regarding the regulation of inheritance in companies, including:
Here, we will briefly highlight the key provisions and rules of inheritance stated in the Companies Law for various types of companies.

First: Joint Stock Company

Second: Limited Partnership

Third: Limited Liability Company

Fourth: Joint Venture Company

In this way, the Companies Law has clearly regulated the provisions of inheritance to ensure the continuity of companies and protect the rights of heirs according to the different types of companies. This allows for a variety of company structures that cater to the needs of investors while establishing clear rules for the transfer of shares of deceased partners to ensure the continuity of business operations and drive economic development.